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Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) Program Audit

Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) Program Audit 

While logistics, digitalization, hydrodynamics, machinery and “after treatment/carbon capture and storage” measures have a potential to curb GHG emissions from shipping by up to 30% on average, the largest reduction potential lies in a fuel switch to low- or zero-carbon fuels. Shipping companies and fuel producers offer programs where customers can purchase the environmental attributes of such fuels. Normec Verifavia‘s LCF Program Audit service ensures the robustness of these programs, verifying that the claimed emission reductions are accurate and transparent. 

Why choose Normec Verifavia?

  1. Credibility: Independent verification strengthens your program’s credibility and builds trust with stakeholders, including customers and regulators. 
  2. Leadership: Stand out as a leader in sustainability and attract customers seeking low carbon fuel options. 
  3. Accountability: Demonstrate your commitment to accurate emission reduction calculations and responsible program management. 
What is LCF Program Audit? 

An LCF Program Audit is an independent assessment of a program designed to sell the environmental attributes of low carbon fuels used in the maritime industry. This audit verifies that the program accurately calculates emission reductions, ensures proper tracking and issuance of claims, and adheres to relevant standards and best practices.

Why choose Normec Verifavia? 

Normec Verifavia is a leading independent verification body with extensive experience in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification and program assurance. We offer a comprehensive approach that combines technical expertise with industry knowledge and a commitment to quality and integrity. 

Wonder what we can do for you?

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  1. Initial Discussion

    Discuss your LCF program goals and verification needs with our experts.

  2. Data collection and analysis

    We work with you to gather relevant data on your program design, fuel sourcing, emission reduction calculations, and claims issuance procedures.

  3. Verification assessment

    Methodology & Data Review: Our auditors assess your program methodology, data sources, and emission reduction calculations for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with relevant standards and guidance documents.

  4. Program Management Review

    We evaluate your program management practices, including controls for preventing double counting and ensuring claim validity.

  5. Individual Certificate Verification

    We verify each certificate issued by the program to ensure it accurately reflects the associated emission reductions and complies with program rules. 

  6. Independent Certification

    Upon successful completion, Normec Verifavia issues an independent certification attesting to the credibility and robustness of your LCF program.


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions

What standards does Normec Verifavia use for LCF program audits?

We use recognized standards and guidelines for GHG verification and program assurance, such as the ISO 14064 series and industry-specific guidance from organizations like IMO, in addition to the frameworks like SFC’s Market Based Measures Framework, GLEC Framework, and RED II 

What information do I need to provide for verification?

You will need to provide program documentation, data on fuel sources and emission reductions, information on your claim issuance procedures, and details of individual certificates issued. 

What happens after my LCF program is verified?

You will receive a verification report detailing the verification process, findings, and conclusions. You can use this report to demonstrate the credibility of your program to stakeholders and support your sustainability communications. Additionally, you will receive verified certificates for each individual claim issued within the program. 

Can Normec Verifavia help me develop an LCF program?

While we do not directly develop programs, we can provide guidance and resources to help you design a program that aligns with industry best practices and meets verification requirements. 

How can I ensure the sustainability of the low carbon fuels used in my program?

Look for fuel suppliers that demonstrate the sustainability of their products through credible certification schemes like ISCC and RSB