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French Offsetting Scheme - Article 147

Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions related to domestic flights – Article 147

Article 147 mandates domestic flight operators in France to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with national environmental strategies. Normec Verifavia, as a leading verifier, ensures meticulous verification of these compensatory or offsetting actions, facilitating operators’ adherence to this requirement with accuracy and integrity. Our verification expertise guarantees your compliance with the French Offsetting Scheme, reinforcing sustainable aviation practices. 

Why choose Normec Verifavia?

  1. Ensure compliance: Our meticulous verification services ensure transparency and prevent penalties. 
  2. Reduce risks: With our expertise, you can minimize potential pitfalls and ensure smooth sailing. 
  3. Streamline your process: We simplify the complexities of the scheme, saving you time and resources. 
  4. Contribute to a sustainable future: You can contribute to a cleaner aviation industry by effectively offsetting your emissions. 

The French Offsetting Scheme, under Decree n° 2022-667, is a revolutionary strategy aimed at restraining the environmental impact of domestic flights in France. This initiative seeks carbon neutrality in the aviation sector by 2024, highlighting France’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation. It requires airlines to progressively offset their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, setting a new standard for integrating environmental responsibility into aviation operations. 

Scheme Overview and Objectives 

Airlines operating within France, excluding outermost regions, face escalating offset requirements:  

  • 50% in 2022,  
  • 70% in 2023,  
  • and 100% by 2024. 

This phased approach allows for a gradual transition to sustainable practices. 

Eligibility and Compliance 

Airlines part of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) emitting over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 annually on domestic routes must comply. They are mandated to submit verified emissions reports and offsetting evidence within strict deadlines. 

Offsetting Report and Criteria 

The Offsetting Report documents carbon offset projects, including project types, locations, sectors, emissions offset, methodologies, and funding. It ensures transparency and integrity, emphasizing the importance of projects within France or the EU and avoiding double counting. 

Emissions Unit Criteria 

Offsetting units must be accredited by the “Bas Carbone” label or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) under CORSIA, favoring offsetting projects in the EU. Specific quotas are set for EU-based offsetting units to support local environmental projects. 

Biodiversity Bonus and Transitional Measures 

The scheme introduces a biodiversity bonus, allowing additional credits for projects enhancing biodiversity, capped at 15% of an operator’s offsetting obligation. Transitional measures are in place to support funding of new EU projects, ensuring the sale of emissions reductions or credits to the operator. 

Verification and Compliance 

Accurate verification by entities like Normec Verifavia is crucial for the EU ETS Annual Emissions Report and the Offsetting Report. This ensures compliance and supports airlines in contributing to global sustainability efforts effectively. 

This comprehensive approach, including the innovative biodiversity bonus, positions the French Offsetting Scheme as a model for integrating environmental sustainability into the aviation industry, aiming for a significant reduction in the sector’s carbon footprint. 

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    Contact Normec Verifavia and engage a formal agreement outlining the scope, fees, and timeline for verification.

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    Gather relevant emissions, offsetting, and supporting documentation as per the French Decree, ensuring accuracy and completeness. 

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    Receive a comprehensive verification report and opinion, documenting the process, and findings, and concluding on your compliance with the French Decree.

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    Receive a comprehensive verification report and opinion, documenting the process, and findings, and concluding on your compliance with the French Decree.


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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions

What project types qualify for offsetting?

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, forestry, carbon capture and storage, and more, are subject to eligibility criteria. 

Can I use the same offsets for other schemes?

No, double counting is prohibited. 

What if I cannot meet the minimum EU share?

Justifications demonstrating unavailable compliant EU credits below €40/tCO2 and required volume (commercial prospects, documented communication with offset providers) are required. 

How can I ensure the legitimacy of my offsetting projects?

We connect you with verified projects that meet international standards and contribute to real carbon reduction. 

What happens if I do not comply with the scheme?

Penalty fees amounting to 100 EUR may be applicable if an operator does not comply with this scheme.