CBAM Webinar

Avoid CBAM Mistakes: Report Accurate Source Data

Avoid CBAM Mistakes: Report Accurate Source Data

Date: July 16th, 2024
Time: 10:00 CET
Platform: Microsoft Teams

This in-depth technical webinar, co-hosted by Normec Verifavia and NAVIS, equips importers, producers, and stakeholders with the knowledge to prevent common CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) reporting errors. The session covers: Introduction to CBAM: reasons, implementation, and upcoming changes. Common pitfalls: tariff codes, supplier data, and IT challenges. Future complexities: new formulas, certificate purchases, and market dynamics.


Introduction to CBAM
Reasons for initiation (stated and actual)
Basic mechanism and implementation
Scheduled changes for the next two years
Pitfalls and Problems Experienced by Regulated Entities

Tariff code and export data problems
Supplier data issues
Portal IT systems and login challenges
The Program Ahead: Future Complexities and Solutions

2025: Transition from default values to EU formulas, required data and emissions understanding
2026: Buying live certificates, changing prices, need for forecasting, and possibility for hedging
2027 onwards: Expansion to more sectors, tighter ETS market, and rising prices

Workshop Q&A Session

Open forum for participants to ask questions and seek clarification
Live appointment booking link for 1-1 CBAM clinics to address specific issues