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CII & EU ETS Dashboard

CII & EU ETS Dashboard  

Normec Verifavia presents the CII & EU ETS Dashboard, a data-driven solution designed to streamline compliance management for maritime organizations and to enable continuous verification. This platform seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems, automates key processes, and provides comprehensive data analysis and verification modules, facilitating adherence to CII, EU MRV, UK (United Kingdom) MRV, and EU ETS regulations. 

Modular Compliance Coverage: 

  1. CII Module: Visualize your fleet’s CII ratings in real-time, enabling proactive compliance with CII regulations. 
  2. EU MRV & UK MRV Modules: Monitor your fleet’s verified emissions data and evaluate compliance efficiently for both EU and UK MRV regulations. 
  3. EU ETS Module: Review your EU ETS Voyages and associated emissions, for regulatory adherence, with option to request for verified EU-ETS (EU s Emissions Trading System) voyage statements. 

Focus on Data Quality & Transparency: 

  1. Automated Data Collection: Securely retrieve emissions data directly from your existing IT systems, minimizing manual intervention and potential errors. 
  2. Automatic Flags & Expert Verification: Leverage intelligent algorithms to identify inconsistencies and outliers in real-time, triggering manual review by our subject matter experts for optimal data quality. 
  3. Transparent Data Management: Gain access to a centralized platform for all your emissions data, ensuring clarity, auditability, and easy access for relevant stakeholders. 

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Three steps to a result

  1. Data retrieval

    The dashboard securely retrieves data from your existing IT systems through a dedicated API. 

  2. Quality review

    All retrieved data undergoes rigorous quality checks and expert review to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  3. Compliance issuance

    Based on the reviewed data, Normec Verifavia issues Statements of Compliance or Documents of Compliance as required by the relevant regulations.