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IMO DCS and CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) Training

IMO DCS and CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) Training 

Normec Verifavia‘s IMO DCS and CII training program equips maritime professionals with a thorough understanding of these critical regulations, empowering them to navigate compliance requirements with accuracy and efficiency. By directly examining the official regulations, this program focuses on providing factual knowledge without interpretations or suggestions, leaving the application and implementation to your specific expertise. 

Target Audience: 

This program is designed for maritime professionals responsible for understanding and fulfilling emissions reporting and compliance obligations, including: 

  1. Shipboard personnel (navigating officers, engineers) 
  2. Environmental officers and compliance managers 
  3. Technical superintendents and fleet managers 
  4. Regulatory affairs specialists 
  5. Consultants and auditors 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Regulation-Centric Expertise: Gain a deep understanding of the IMO DCS and CII regulations covering all the MEPC guidelines including calculation methodology for CII ratings and exemptions and corrections factors 
  2. Objective Knowledge Acquisition: Acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively interpret and apply the regulations to your specific operational context. 
  3. Transparent Compliance: Develop the ability to identify and meet compliance obligations as outlined in the regulations, fostering impartiality and objectivity in your approach. 
  4. Verification Process Awareness: Gain knowledge of the verification process, its role in ensuring compliance, and the responsibilities of independent verifiers. 

Trainer Expertise: 

Our training is delivered by experienced maritime emissions experts with extensive knowledge of IMO regulations, data management systems, and verification procedures. They hold relevant industry certifications and have a proven track record of providing objective and informative training sessions, adhering strictly to the regulations themselves. 

  1. Format: In-person or online options available. 
  2. Duration: Flexible duration depending on specific needs and chosen format. 
  3. Language: English  
  4. Certification: Certificate of completion provided upon successful completion of the program and assessment. 


This training program is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is recommended to consult with legal counsel for specific guidance on compliance with IMO DCS and CII regulations. 

**By attending this program, you gain the factual knowledge and objective understanding essential for navigating the IMO DCS and CII regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance. 

Mastering Environmental Competence:

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