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SAF Program Assurance (SPA) Audit

SAF Program Assurance (SPA) Audit  

In the pursuit of decarbonization, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) emerges as a pivotal solution. With global airlines initiating SAF programs to enable corporate customers to offset their travel emissions (GHG Scope 3), the importance of credibility and transparency becomes paramount. NORMEC VERIFAVIA‘s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program Assurance (SPA) service provides essential verification, fostering trust and maximizing the impact of SAF initiatives. This service ensures the integrity and effectiveness of SAF programs, facilitating a significant leap towards a greener aviation future. 

Why choose Normec Verifavia?

  1. Demonstrate your commitment to transparency: Partnering with Normec Verifavia demonstrates your commitment to transparency and responsible aviation practices, attracting sustainability-conscious clients and partners.  
  2. Enhance your brand image: Verified SAF programs can enhance your brand image and reputation.  
  3. Mitigate risks of non-compliance with regulations: Our rigorous audit process ensures your program meets the highest standards. Verified SAF programs streamline data collection and reporting, saving you time and resources. Offering verified SAF options can give you a competitive edge in a growing market. Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the SAF landscape and regulatory environment. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of SAF programs. 

Why Choose Normec Verifavia? 

With over 20 years of experience serving the aviation industry and in-depth knowledge of the evolving SAF landscape, NORMEC VERIAVIA is a recognized leader in sustainability verification. We provide unmatched expertise in conducting SPA audits for major airlines worldwide, including Cargolux, Finnair, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, and 4AIR. 

Our rigorous and secure two-phase audit process covers every aspect of your SAF program, ensuring meticulous data accuracy, compliance with chosen methodologies (CORSIA, SBTi, etc.), and verifiable emissions reductions. We leverage leading-edge tools and techniques, including blockchain technology, to deliver tamper-proof certificates and audit statements, boosting trust and transparency. 

We tailor our services to your program’s unique needs and goals, providing valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your SAF procurement, emissions calculations, and certificate issuance processes. We help you navigate the complexities of the SAF market and regulatory environment. 

What Does Our SPA Audit Cover? 

  • Phase I: Annual Program Audit: 

We meticulously assess your SAF procurement, emissions calculation methods, and adherence to chosen methodologies (CORSIA, SBTi, etc.). We ensure your calculations align with industry best practices and relevant regulations. We verify the robustness and accuracy of your SAF eligibility criteria and accounting framework, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and consistency in data management. We evaluate your program policy and the integrity of your issued certificates, ensuring they accurately represent genuine emissions reductions. The deliverable is a comprehensive SAF Program Assurance Statement confirming the credibility of your program and the validity of your certificates. 

  • Phase II: Individual Certificate Verification: 

We meticulously review SAF invoices and sustainability documentation to ensure each certificate represents genuine emissions reductions. We verify the chain of custody and ensure the feedstock used complies with sustainability standards. We continuously verify issued certificates to prevent double-counting and maintain data integrity, providing ongoing assurance throughout the year. The deliverable is an SAF Program Assurance Certificate attached to each issued certificate, guaranteeing its accuracy and adherence to your program policy. 

Wonder what we can do for you?

Contact us
  1. Contact & Scoping

    Initiate contact and discuss your program with Normec Verifavia’s experts. They will customize a proposal outlining scope, fees, and timeline. 

  2. Engagement & Review

    Formalize the agreement and participate in Phase I, a comprehensive review verifying your program’s structure and compliance.

  3. Verifiable Assurance [Phase 1]

    Upon successful completion of Phase I, receive a SPA Assurance Statement confirming the Airline’s SAF program has transparency and integrity.

  4. Ongoing Verification (Optional)

    Choose to add Phase II, where a SAF Program Assurance Certificate attached to each SAF Certificate issued is validated with supporting evidence. Thus, ensuring individual certificate validity and preventing double-counting through continuous monitoring. 


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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions

What specific benefits will a SPA audit bring to my airline?

In addition to the core benefits of enhanced credibility and risk mitigation, an SPA (Sustainable Aviation Fuel program audit) conducted by Normec Verifavia can offer several advantages to your airline. These include: 

  • Reduced audit fatigue: Our team can perform a single audit that covers multiple sustainability schemes, which streamlines the process and saves you time and resources. 
  • Competitive advantage in tenders and partnerships: Verified SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) programs showcase your commitment to sustainability, which can attract eco-conscious clients and partners, giving you a competitive edge in tenders and partnerships. 
  • Enhanced investor confidence: Demonstrating responsible practices can improve investor relations and access to green financing. 

How does Normec Verifavia’s blockchain technology enhance the audit process?

We leverage Keeex blockchain technology to enhance the audit process in the following ways: 

  • Securely store and transfer audit data: Our blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof transparency and reduces the risk of fraud. 
  • Automate certificate issuance and verification: This streamlines the process and improves efficiency. 
  • Provide real-time data access: Stakeholders can instantly verify the authenticity and validity of your SAF certificates, increasing trust. 

What happens if my program does not meet the audit requirements?

At Normec Verifavia, we work collaboratively with you to identify any discrepancies and recommend corrective actions. Our goal is not to penalize but to guide you towards achieving compliance and program improvement. We offer tailored action plans and ongoing support to help you address any issues. 

How long does the SPA audit process usually take?

The timeframe for the SPA audit process varies depending on the size and complexity of your program. Typically, the initial program audit takes 4-6 weeks, with individual certificate verification conducted continuously throughout the year. We strive to ensure a timely and efficient process without compromising thoroughness. 

Do you offer training and support beyond the audit itself?

Yes, we provide a range of additional services to support your SAF program journey, including: 

  • Sustainability strategy development: Our trainings deliver the key aspects and updates in SAF program management. These sessions can help you develop your understanding on SAF thus allowing you to define your own sustainability goals and design a tailored SAF program roadmap.  
  • Supply chain due diligence: We can assess your SAF suppliers’ compliance with sustainability standards. 
  • Communication and engagement support: We can share reference communication materials to engage stakeholders about your SAF program.