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EPL Supply and Installation

EPL Supply and Installation 

Comply with EEXI regulations through Normec Verifavia’s EPL/ShaPoLi supply and installation services. Explore Mechanical and ShaPoLi options to understand their technical aspects and make informed choices for your vessel. Normec Verifavia shares crucial information to assist you in navigating EEXI compliance effectively. 

Why choose Normec Verifavia?

  1. Unparalleled Expertise: Our team of maritime engineers possesses in-depth knowledge of EEXI regulations and extensive experience with various EPL/ShaPoLi systems. 
  2. Seamless Service: We manage the entire EPL/ShaPoLi journey, from selection and procurement to installation and crew training, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. 
  3. Global Reach: Normec Verifavia’s network of partners and service centres ensures prompt response and swift installation, minimizing downtime. 
  4. Tailored Solutions: We meticulously assess your specific vessel requirements and operational profile to recommend the most suitable EPL/ShaPoLi system for optimal compliance and efficiency. 
Mechanical EPL: 
  1. Cost-effective and expeditious installation, ideal for time-sensitive compliance needs. 
  2. Straightforward system directly limiting engine power output through mechanical adjustments. 
  3. Requires manual intervention for power adjustments, potentially leading to delays and human error. 
  4. Limited adaptability; modifications to power limitations necessitate physical adjustments and a higher additional cost. 
ShaPoLi System: 
  1. Electronically controlled system offering seamless power adjustments during emergencies or operational needs. 
  2. Adaptable power limitation settings through software updates, accommodating future regulations or propulsion upgrades. 
  3. Potential for digitalization and integration with performance monitoring systems for optimized efficiency. 
  4. More expensive and requires longer lead time for installation compared to Mechanical EPL. 
Normec Verifavia’s Experience: 

Normec Verifavia has successfully guided numerous shipowners through EEXI compliance, providing expert advice and meticulous project execution. Our robust partnerships with leading EPL/ShaPoLi manufacturers ensure access to innovative technology and competitive pricing. 

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  1. EPL/ShaPoLi Selection

    Receive detailed information and comparisons between the Mechanical EPL and ShaPoLi systems, considering your budget, timeline, and long-term objectives. 

  2. Procurement and Planning

    The chosen EPL/ShaPoLi system is procured at competitive rates through reliable partners, and a comprehensive installation plan is developed to minimize downtime. 

  3. Installation and Commissioning

    Experienced engineers oversee the installation process according to manufacturer specifications and industry best practices, ensuring proper system functionality through thorough testing. 

  4. Crew Training and Support

    Tailored training programs are provided for your crew, covering safe and efficient operation of the EPL/ShaPoLi system, emergency procedures, and proper record-keeping practices. Ongoing support is offered throughout the system’s lifecycle.



Find answers to the most commonly asked questions

What factors influence the choice between Mechanical EPL and ShaPoLi?

Consider time constraints, budget, long-term vision, and operational profile. Mechanical EPL is ideal for immediate compliance and cost-effectiveness, while ShaPoLi offers long-term benefits in adaptability, efficiency, and potential digitalization. 

What is the typical installation timeline for each system?

Mechanical EPL installation typically takes 2-3 weeks, while ShaPoLi requires 5-8 weeks due to its electronic nature and additional cabling needs. 

Does Normec Verifavia provide crew training for EPL/ShaPoLi operation?

Yes, we offer comprehensive crew training programs tailored to the specific EPL/ShaPoLi system installed, ensuring safe and efficient operation. 

What are the ongoing maintenance requirements for EPL/ShaPoLi systems?

Both systems only require routine maintenance as per manufacturer guidelines. This can be easily done by the ship’s Crew. ShaPoLi may require additional periodic maintenance/ part replacements after some number of years. This varies system to system and is to be as per manufacturer’s recommendations.  

By leveraging Normec Verifavia’s expertise and comprehensive EPL/ShaPoLi services, you can confidently navigate EEXI compliance and achieve operational efficiency.

What is the difference between OPL and OMM for OPL services offered by Normec Verifavia?

The two services offered by Normec Verifavia, though related to Overridable Power Limiters (EPL/ShaPoLi) for EEXI compliance, serve different but complementary purposes within the maritime sustainability framework. Here’s a summary of their distinctions: 

OPL Supply and Installation Service: 

This service focuses on the physical aspects of achieving EEXI compliance through the provision and fitting of EPL/ShaPoLi systems onboard ships. It involves: 

  • Technical Assistance: Selection, procurement, and installation of either Mechanical EPL or ShaPoLi systems, tailored to the ship’s specific needs. 
  • End-to-End Support: Covers the entire process from EPL/ShaPoLi system selection to crew training, emphasizing seamless project execution. 
  • Custom Solutions: Assessments are made to recommend the most suitable EPL/ShaPoLi system based on the vessel’s operational profile. 
  • Mechanical vs. ShaPoLi: Offers insights into the advantages and drawbacks of mechanical and electronic EPL/ShaPoLi systems, aiding in the decision-making process. 

Onboard Management Manual (OMM) for OPL: 

This service provides documentation for EPL/ShaPoLi systems installed onboard by other entities, focusing on operational and regulatory compliance aspects. It includes: 

  • Compliance Framework: An auditable plan that outlines the comprehensive framework for the compliant operation of EPL/ShaPoLi systems. 
  • Safety and Process Optimization: Procedures for the safe activation, deactivation, and emergency handling of EPL/ShaPoLi, alongside guidance for efficient record-keeping and reporting. 
  • Regulatory Alignment: The manual is meticulously aligned with IMO Resolution MEPC.335(76), ensuring that EPL/ShaPoLi operation meets stringent international standards.